Most Popular Broadway Musicals Of All Time

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There is no other entertainment like the Broadway musicals. Broadway musicals comprise of great songs, best chorus from the boys and girls and a lot more. The best and the greatest Broadway musicals combine music, dancing, stories and amazing top casts. These take the viewers into another world they have never imagined.

Some of the Broadway musicals are and have been very popular throughout the years. The best Broadway musicals are usually mixed with a portion of the classical musicals such as the Les Miserables, Wicked, The book of Mormon and Cats. The casts of these musicals consist of the best stars of Broadway. Here are some of the most popular Broadway musicals of all time.

1.The Book Of Mormon

The Book Of Mormon is a popular musical show. It is a favorite of many. It features a pair of mismatched boys who are sent out on a mission. The boys are sent to a place that is very far. When this show was introduced, it created a buzz among the funs and the viewers. It generates a lot of hype and hysteria among the viewers worldwide.

2.The Phantom Of The Opera

The phantom of the opera is about a performer who haunts the public areas saying that he has a box that he uses for his own private issues. The performer falls in love with a beautiful singer and teaches her on how to take over the role of a star. The beautiful singer does well and leaves people wondering where she learnt to sing with such a beautiful voice. The performer rescues her when the phantom takes her with him to the subterranean. Its booking is until October 2017.


Wicked has been on the top and popular across the world for the past ten years. It has also won more than 100 internationals awards. It is a mystery tour through the land of oz. It is about two girls who are great friends. These girls met as sorcery students and have had a line of adventures in oz. The adventures see them able to fulfill and reach their destinies as Glinda the good and the wicked witch of the west. The performers wear thrilling wizardry costumes and also involves songs. Its booking is until May 2018.

4.Les Miserables

Les Miserables is one of the best and successful musical across the world. It was first aired at the palace theatre on 4th December 1985. Jean Valjean is pardoned and released after 19 years and finds that the ticket of leave that he must show by law condemns him of being an outcast. The only person who treats him well is the Bishop of Digne but instead, Jean repays him by stealing some of his silver. He gets caught and is taken to the police again. The bishop lies and saves him. Jean decides to start a new life but after 8 years, he encounters a person from his past and this makes him take another turn for his life.

Les miserable has been seen by more than 70 million people and in over 44 countries. It has also been played in about 22 different languages around the world. Its booking is until October 2017.

5.Miss Saigon

Miss Saigon is  one of the greatest and popular musicals of all time. Miss Saigon is a production from the creators of Les Miserables. It is about a story of a young bar girl called kim. She falls in love with an American GI called Chris. Their lives are however destroyed by the fall of Saigon.


Matilda is about a little girl who has an amazing intelligence. She is not loved by her parents. However, she pleases her school teacher in her first semester in the school. The girl and the teacher develop a profound bond between each other’s life. Both children and adults enjoy the show. Its booking is until December 2017.

Other top musicals of all time are Sweeney Todd, Blood Brothers, Rent, West Side Story, The Sound of Music, Fiddler on the roof, Hairspray, a Chorus line, Hamilton, Gypsy, Spring Awakening and Aladdin.

The above popular Broadway musicals will help you to find the best song and also dance across the world. They have been at the top of the worlds entertainment from generation to generation. Today, there are so many of them. This gives you an opportunity to choose the one that pleases you most. Find your favorite Broadway musical to entertain yourself. The musicals promote the entertainment industry. Both adults and children enjoy watching the Broadway musicals in theatres or in the comfort of their home. They are entertaining, educative, fun and enjoyable.