How To Buy Your Tickets Safely

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We are so lucky that we have so much choice with the Internet today. Do you remember when you needed to spend more than three hours to buy a ticket to some event? It doesn't matter which ticket you want to buy, if you are buying it over the web (which is the most common way nowadays), then you definitely need to know some security tips of safe purchasing. Are you sure that you are getting the best deal you can? How about staying safe online and protecting your personal information? Let's learn together!

Use a VPN

First things first! Always use a VPN connection when you are buying some ticket online. Why would you do that? Well, there are many reasons from which you can benefit, but the most important ones are definitely that you will keep yourself protected and your personal or sensitive data won't be revealed. What can be better than that, right? Besides that, you can always search anonymously, and in that case, you may be able to find that ticket for a much lower price ''at some other country''. Sounds great to us!

Where to buy it?

Besides using a Virtual Private Network to get the best deal for your ticket, we would also recommend you to always buy any ticket you want from the event's official seller. Besides that, you can also get it from the venue. Why is this highly recommended? You should implement this advice because you may not know from whom are you actually buying that ticket, and if you don't want to risk anything, always be sure that your 'source' is the safe one.

Terms and conditions

Yes, we all know that no one likes to hear about terms and conditions and especially to read all those long sentences. Yet, you are here to learn how to buy tickets safely, right? In that case, you need to know everything about the terms and conditions, because in that case only, you will be able to react properly and to protect yourself if something goes wrong.


If you didn't know, reselling football tickets is illegal. That is exactly why we have mentioned the venue and the official events site for getting what you need. You may end up with numerous problems if you buy it from someone who resells. So, you can literally connect this fact with all the others we have mentioned to get the whole picture.

Protecting your money

How can you be sure that your money won't go in the wrong direction? We would highly recommend you to use ChargeBack Scheme if you are paying by a credit card. What if you are paying in cash to the seller of that ticket (if it is not illegal, of course-remind yourself of our 4th fact)? In that case, you need to be sure about the source where you have found that ticket, which we have already talked about above, so I am completely sure that you will be now able to recognize if you are buying your ticket safely or not.

Enjoy the event you are visiting!