5 Children’s Books You Should See On Theatre Stage

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There are a number of children’s books that have been adapted for the stage. These, as we shall discuss in detail, are children’s books that have now been turned to the stage and they are a great watch for you and your family, and more so the children. When you are considering the best books to stage for children, the creativity and the enjoyment that children can derive from these stage acts should be considered. As such, for the following stage performances of the best children’s books, you should make a date and ensure that your children have tickets for these great performances.

  1. Spot

Many children, and indeed adults are in love with Spot. This is a timeless classic that has been a favorite of generations of children since 1980. This is a children’s book that was written by Eric Hill. The book was rather innovative for the time is was published. This explains the reason why the Spot as a series of books has been loved ever since. If you have been a lover of Spot books, you will definitely want to attend the shows at the Seymour Center from September 27th to October 2, 2017.

  1. Matilda the Musical

this is another common act that you do not want to miss. This will be showing at the Princess Theatre and Crown Theatre in Perth, Australia. you can plan to watch this adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book. You will love the story of a very special girl by the name of Matilda. One o f the most fascinating and incredible features of this musical is the costumes and sets as well as the music, by Tim Minchin. The faultless performance will definitely be a plus for your kids and they will love the music. For most of the children, Matilda is a children’s book that has influenced their reading culture and watching the performance for the whole family would be a great experience. You should plan to get tickets early enough!

This musical can also be watched by the people in London, at the Cambridge Theatre for the whole of May 2017.

  1. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The above play by JK Rowling is a great one for the whole family and especially the kids who love the magic. This play comes 5 years since the last Harry Porter film was produced. For the kids who love Harry Potter and the wizardry of the books, this is definitely a must-attend for them. With the play’s synopsis having been released last year towards the end, I guess this is something that many people are waiting for.

With Harry Potter being overworked at the Ministry of Magic and being a parent of three children, he grapples with a past that does not give him peace of mind! All this will be availed to you during the staging of the musical!

You can now watch parts 1 and 2 of this great book at The Palace Theatre in London, UK. You can now buy the tickets for the shows that start from June 7th, 2017.

  1. “Cats”

This is a classic that is based on T.S. Elliot’s collection of “Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats” this long-running musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber is a good show for the whole family. The poetry introduces many of the characters and the music is definitely great for all the family members. You should find a suitable stage where you and the family can watch this great adaptation of the children’s book.

  1. “Oliver”

This is a classic novel that was written by Charles Dickens and has been turned into great musical and film. The musical or rather the original story is about a poor orphan who escapes the hard life and joins the pickpockets of London. The musical hit of the 1960s done by Lionel Bart was a hit and this is definitely a great children’s book turned into a musical. You can definitely find a great theatre where this musical is being staged and enjoy it as a family show.