A Short story Of The Phantom Of Opera

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The phantom of opera is a great show or musical on Broadway and other stages such as the West End. It has a story that begun much long before it even became a musical. It came from newspaper to a novel. It then transformed to a film in two different stage versions and later to a musical. The Phantom of Opera horror novel is written by Gaston Leroux, who was born in 1868 in Paris and graduated with a Law degree at the age of 21. He later began to work as a journalist and started writing fiction.

The French newspaper published the first chapter of the phantom of opera in September 1909 and it later appeared in full print. In1925, the universal studios produced a silent film of the phantom and the second film was released in 1962.The musical version, which is the most important of the adaptations, came after 20 years.

The Phantom Of Opera, the Musical

The phantom of Opera was adapted into a musical, which means that it encompasses music in the acting. It is based on the horror novel phantom of opera. It was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and it has lyrics that were written by Charles Hart. It also has some few additions that were made by by Richard Stilgoe. Now, this musical, The phantom of opera first aired in London West End in the year 1986. It later opened in Broadway in the year 1988.The characters are the Phantom of the opera, Christine Daae, Carlotta, viscount, Madame Giry, Meg Giry, Richard Firmin and Piangi. The musical revolves around a beautiful girl called Christine. She becomes mysterious musical star who lives in the subterranean.

In Broadway history, The Phantom of Opera musical is the show that runs the longest. It runs for 2hours and 30 minutes and one 15-minute intermission. 11 February 2012 is the day it celebrated its 10000th performance. In West End musical, it is the second longest running show after Les Miserables. By 2011, the phantom of opera had been seen by more than 130 million people. It has been shown in over 145 cities and more than 27 countries. These countries include England, Australia, Japan, Scotland, Singapore, United states of America, Belgium, China, Canada, South Africa and many more. It continues to play up to this current day in places such as New York and London. So far, the phantom of the opera has earned $675 million.

The phantom of opera has played for almost 30 years now and has had over 12 000 performances since it first aired at the majesty’s theatre in London. It has also played in 15 different languages which include English, Russian, French, Mexican Spanish, Hungarian, German, Danish, Dutch, Castilian, Swedish, Polish, Estonian, Korean, Portuguese and Japanese.


It won 1986 Olivier award and in 1988, it won the Tony awards for the best musical. Michael who plays the role of the Phantom of opera, won the Olivier and tony awards for the best actor in the musical. It has since won many theatre awards, about 80 awards which include 3 Olivier awards,1 Evening standard award,7 Drama desk awards,7 Tony awards for best musical and 5 Outer critic circle awards. It was the first original cast recording in the history of British musical. It has sold over 40 million albums up to date.


In 1986, Lloyd Webber who is the producer contacted Cameron Mackintosh, co-producer of songs and dance, to propose for a new musical. He did suggest the Gaston Leroux’s horror novel, the phantom of opera as the basis of the musical. Lloyd Webber approached Jim Steinman to write the lyrics but declined. He then approached Alan Jay Lerner but became ill. He later found Richard Stilgoe who wrote the original lyrics. The lyricist, Charles Hart, also rewrote the lyrics together with the original ones later for the production.


The phantom of opera follows a performer who haunts the Paris opera house in an underground cavern. He trains a beautiful singer to become a star and composes operas for her. The singers name is Christine. Christine succeeds and develops the most beautiful singing voice and a man from her past comes into the picture. Because of this, the performer who is the phantom himself gets mad and begins to destroy the owners of the opera house and the company too. Even after this, Christine always finds herself drawn to the phantom