10 Most Spectacular Theatres In The World

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Below are some of the best theatres in the world. We will discuss their main features and some of the celebrities who have hosted shows in the theatres and what makes them the best.

1.Odeon of Herodes Atticus

It is situated in Greece and can host up to 5000 people at a go. It has hosted celebrities such as Elton John and Maria Callas. Usually, when there are such concerts, it is filled to capacity because it is famous and provides a good experience in watching live concerts or screened shows.

2.Seebuhne Austria

This offers a dramatic setting since it is setup at Austrian waters of Lake Constance. This is one of the most attractive features that makes it appealing to cinema goers. Usually, it is packed to capacity when a show is being hosted at the theatre. The most common festival that is held here is the Bregenz festival which has over 7000 people attending. The extraordinary seat setting designs make it possible to host such big audiences. It is an open-air theatre that is famous over the years mainly because of its artistic design and grand big scale. Big movies such as ‘quantum of solace’, a film by James Bond, were also shot on this stage.

3.Elgin and winter garden theatre

This is an amazing theatre in Toronto. It is the only operational double-decker theatre in the world with a large capacity to fit thousands of people at the same time. It’s the best theatre in Canada. The gold and marble dome shape make it appealing to theatre goers. Some of the events that are hosted here include the annual Toronto international festival. Renowned musicians such as Bryan Adams have also screened videos here.

  1. London Shakespeare Globe theatre

Well, Shakespeare built the original theatre but unfortunately, it was destroyed by fire. The new Shakespeare Globe Theatre has some of the best modern theatre features including roof based sprinklers and concrete theatre pit. Its thatched roof gives it a spectacular and unique appearance.

5.Tonhalle Dusseldorf

This is one of the oldest theatre in the world that still retains its appeal today. Built in 1926, it has been operational ever since. In fact, at that time, it was not only the best theatre but the largest too in the world. The modern one still at the site was built in the sixties and through its curved lines that give it the impression of theatre curtains; it is arguably one of the best spectacular views to behold. It is found in Germany and there are many activities that go on at the cinema on a daily basis.

  1. National NOH theatre

In Tokyo, this is the best theatre. It is also one of the best cinema spots in the world mainly due to its unique features. Basically, it is made of wood, and four sides are open. The seating arrangement is also unique and spreads beautifully from the center giving it an appealing appearance to cinema goers. Performances on this theatre go on throughout the day, especially on the weekends.

Another amazing feature is the way that each seat in the cinema has a subtitling system. Better still, you have the option to change the language to English or Japanese.

  1. Walt Disney concert

Cinema goers looking for a theatre that is modern and unique usually visit this theatre. It is sophisticated and actually one of the most modern cinema halls in the world. Because it is based in Los Angeles California, where Hollywood is also based, you expect the best features for any theatre to be found here. It has a beautiful interior, the food and snacks served here is also good and the service is world class.

  1. Pride of Asia also known as Raj Mandir

The main features here are the high-tech architecture and unique construction. It is based in India and cinema goers there will love the general feel and usually visit the cinema on a regular basis. The tickets for Hindi movies are usually sold out because the cinema offers the best experience in terms of ambiance and service. You will not find a better cinema in Jaipur.The best thing is that the tickets are offered at a reasonable price. The main feature is the deco style and good customer service.

  1. Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville, Tennessee

The architecture design of this theatre is modern and high tech.it mainly serves as an auditorium, performing arts center and as a concert hall. It features a convertible seating system and is mainly used for classical music performances. Its main outstanding feature is the fact that natural light is used. The windows are sound proof and since they are many, at least thirty of them and evenly distributed, during the day, they use natural light in the hall.


In France, this is one of the best cinemas. People spend time watching films especially documentaries. It’s postmodern architecture design appeals to theatre lovers especially the young

It screens films from around the world on a daily basis. The review shows that moviegoers and people who love watching films on huge screens usually visit the cinema on regular basis. The ambiance is also good and there are no complaints regarding the service and generally customer issues regarding the theatre.

Those are some of the ten most spectacular theatres in the world. We have observed that the following features are common to all of the theatres and this could be the reason why they are voted the best cinemas in the world.

  • Architecture and general appearance of the theatre
  • Location. Those located where they are easily accessible become more popular. Again as well have observed the best theatres are located in major cities in the world.
  • Technology used
  • Screening and other amenities. Huge screens attract more cinema goers and this makes the theatre popular
  • Marketing through networking or using conventional marketing methods.
  • Capacity; a good cinema should be able to accommodate a big number of people and such developers of big cinemas are also able to keep the ambiance and general appearance of the theatre at the top-notch high-tech level.