How To Attract More Young People To The Theatre

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Young people have so many other fun activities to do and rarely find time to go to the theatres. Their peers also feel they have better entertainment options and would rather spend time watching TV or films at home or just partying with friends. We are going to look at some of the factors that keep the young people away from theatres and ways to bring them back to the theatres.

Reasons why young people do not go to the theatres more often

The industry needs to look at these reasons and provide solutions to attract more young people to the theatres.

  • Stories told or featured are not interesting to the younger audience
  • Theatres have not adopted new methods of communication
  • The busy lifestyle among young people hence they have less time for recreation. They have demanding careers, some are starting families and demanding parents and general society sometimes make it hard for young people to find time to go to the theatres
  • High cost of tickets and associated costs as well


There are five ways through which you can attract young people to the theatres. The ultimate way to make sure the young people keep coming to the theatre is to ensure that they have a good experience at the theatre. We have highlighted the five most effective ways to make young people go to the theatres.

8 ways to attract young people to the theatre

  1. Cast popular actors

Young people love big and famous actors. As such, if you cast such movies and plays by the big actors, you will find more young people coming to the theatre. You may do a small research in order to identify the A-list actors. That is what broadways shows capitalize on. When popular and big names are featuring in the cast, you can expect more young people to watch. Matt smith and Benedict Cumberbatch are some of the popular actors that are popular with young fans.

  1. Make the location of theatre accessible to young people

Ensure that your theatre is not portrayed as an elitist theatre only. Young people would love to have fun and uncensored theatre fun. Ensure at your theatre this is possible. Again, what is being featured will also motivate more young people to the theatre. The theme of what you are casting should be in such a way that the young people identify with it whether it is a play or movie. If you do a small research, plays such as Romeo and Juliet which is a classic was centered purely on the young generation and this may have made it so popular. Today plays such as Harry potter and cursed children are all centered on teenage and they are attracting more young people to the theatres.

  1. Cheaper tickets

Well, most young people are not working yet and their entertainment choices are limited to what they can afford. When selling theatre tickets, it is important that you consider the price and make the tickets more affordable.

We are not only considering the price of the tickets here. There are other costs associated with going to the theatres. For example, its location can determine how many young people come there. Try and ensure that your theatres are in major cities where young people will not have to spend a lot of money on transport. Make the snacks or drinks consumed inside the theatre affordable as well. No customer likes being overcharged and this is especially so for young people who have limited finances.

Another way through which big theatres can attract more young people is by offering differently priced tickets depending on the sitting arrangement. You may then sell VIP tickets and normal tickets are sold at a cheaper rate in order for the younger generation to afford.

4 Promotion

How are you promoting the plays or movies you are screening to a younger generation? It is important that you use promotion methods that reach a wider market niche among the youth. You should use appealing promotional methods, especially through social media. Facebook and other social media options may be used and you also have to ensure that you do it in an appealing way as well. One way to ensure that more tickets are sold for a play or movie is to offer cheaper tickets to those who buy earlier in order to watch later. Younger people or students may also get a discount on their tickets and this will encourage more young people to the cinema.

  1. Revamping

Young people will be attracted to state of the art theatres. Ensure that you have also adopted the latest technology in setting up the theatre and generally give it a modern look. Comfy chairs and a good appearance will definitely attract more cinema goers including the young people. This means that you need to constantly upgrade the theatre in order to retain and attract the younger generation.

  1. Offer rewards and incentives to young people

You may do that through coupons or discounts especially for people who do not frequently go to the cinema. Research shows that people take advantage of such incentives and this will see more young people come to the theatre since they will get benefits.

  1. Loyalty programs.

In marketing, this really works. And theatre industry has also adopted such programs. You fill forms in order to win stuff at the theatres, with the particular theatre getting the data, they may try to reach out to the young people every once in a while and entice them to go back to the cinemas. In addition, since you give info regarding your job or if you are a student you provide info regarding your institution, the theatre can come up with customized ways to reach the audience in such institutions.

  1. Mobile strategy.

The young generation uses mobile smartphones a lot. As such, ensure that your ads and communication are easily accessed on the mobile platform. Make it also cheaper for them to easily and freely download ads and content related to what you cast on theatres.


Well, these are some of the ways to get the young people back to the theatres. Remember marketing and social media are some of the basic ways to influence young people to go back to the cinemas. Social media especially is a very effective marketing too since young people spend a lot of time on social media.